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Community Resource Toolkits

Check out some of the toolkits developed by The White House Council for Community Service. The toolkits are designed to create data-driven decision making an impact for your community. The Resources for Communities includes a section how to best generate meaningful community participation. The Resources for Employers has an evaluation for employers to see what types of skill-building jobs they can offer youth.

The White House Council for Community Solutions conducted extensive research and outreach in the areas of community collaboration and pathways to employment for youth. The Council, in collaboration with researchers and other third parties, has createThe White House Council for Community Solutions 

Resources for Communities
 series of tools and resources for leaders across sectors in communities, including business leaders.



Check out the latest AS220 Youth showcase that was curated in part by  Gaby Molenado, part of AS220’s AmeriCorps*VISTA team!

The many artistic talents of young Rhode Islanders are on display including photography and painting in the Second Annual Youth Art Exhibit, an exhibit of art work by young artists who are part of the AS220 Youth Studios. The work is on display now through January 28, 2012 at the Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill, a gallery space managed by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.

Scott Lapham, one of the show’s curators, said, “All of us here at AS220 Youth are excited to share with the wider community the extraordinary artwork our students have been producing over the last six months. From concept to creation to exhibition our students are taking ownership of their own creativity. Please join us at the Atrium Gallery as we celebrate our student’s artwork in a show we are calling Think Make Do!”  A reception and awards program for the artists will be held Thursday, January 19, 2012 from 6 to 8:30pm.

Access to Relief and Safety

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A Math Incubus

The audio was composed using a few different methods. It began with hacking some old toys including a Parrot and an electronic whoopee cusion. Their sound was run through a delay/loop pedal. They delay rate and feedback were being adjusted live as the sounds were being recorded. Spring 2009.


Hiller Studios

Intro to the Mac Curriculum

This was a presentation I made to guide boh instructors and students through an introductory computer literacy workshop at MEIDA ARTS Center San Diego. THis introduces the basic components of using a computer, specifically on the Mac OSX 10.6 operating system.

Birthday Wishes

This performance exemplifies my excellent techniques in art as a classically trained violinist and experience in culinary arts. This piece should be taken seriously. Performed at Freequencies, an event produced by Jessica Thompson’s DMS 215 class.

Horror Film Techniques (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Inter Corps Council members were asked to share their skill levels with certain marketing and social media platforms. There was another open-ended question to share any skills that members would be able to share training within the group. There were a total of six participants who completed the survey.
Marketing & Social Media Use