Online Systems AmeriCorps*VISTA position

Project Description

Do you THINK BIG when it comes to changing the education system? Want to apply your media skills in an exciting, team-based environment leading efforts to provide an innovative approach to higher education? Join College Unbound as the AmeriCorps*VISTA starting this summer!

Big Picture Learning is a 17 year-old organization whose mission is to lead vital changes in education both in the United States and internationally, by generating and sustaining innovative, personalized schools that work in tandem with the real world of the greater community.

College Unbound is Big Picture’s most recent program development. CU is a rigorous, personalized college curriculum anchored in live-learning (internships). Learner success depends on engagement, discipline, dedication, and a drive to make a difference. We believe this model will impact post-secondary policy, and not only open the doors of higher education to students increasingly blocked out of college, but will ensure that students graduate with a degree and experience in hand, prepared to successfully participate in our New Economy.

VISTA Project Goal: Work with Big Picture Director of Online Systems, to build an online communications and learning system that (1) augments student work and (2) expedites support from centrally based advisors and instructors. This position works in tandem with the co-VISTA project goal of developing an expansion infrastructure that supports the planned growth for College Unbound.

Major Activities/Responsibilities

  • Identify /analyze / document key components of relevant online adult education programs
  • Develop 2-tiered plan (6 month segments) to design and create online system with goal of full implementation no later than beginning of new school year – Sept. 2013
  • Fully implement online system with all locations
  • Develop and implement tier 1 (first 6 months) of online program

Desired Skills and Qualifications

  • Diverse computer and media expertise
  • Experience with long term program planning, implementation and assessment
  • Experience collaborating/coordinating with other systems
  • Mature and experienced communication skills
  • Self motivated/independent thinker/team player
  • Bachelor’s Degree required
How to Apply

1) Create a My AmeriCorps profile at

2) Submit your application to our AmeriCorps posting –> Click Here

3) Submit a resume and cover letter to Margot Hanson, RICC*VISTA Leader

  • DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 1, 2012

Job Opening: Digital Arts Coordinator at AS220 Youth


AS220 Youth: Digital Arts Coordinator

AS220 Youth is a free arts education program serving young people 14-20, with a special focus on those in the care and custody of the State. We maintain formal partnerships with the RI Training School, a juvenile detention facility, and UCAP middle school.

The primary work of the all AS220 Youth staff is to engage young people in art-making workshops that will lead to an increase in skills and self-esteem. Staff are also responsible for developing para-professional opportunities for youth in art, design, and technology, so they have direct experience working as creative professionals.

Because many of the youth in our program have already entered the juvenile justice system and/or remedial education, AS220 staff must have a strong commitment to serving “beyond risk” youth. This includes providing basic social supports and case management on an as-needed basis.

The Digital Arts Coordinator will design and implement AS220 Youth’s technology program, called the Fabratory. The Fabratory includes 2D and 3D design, video game development, and computer competency.

Our current priority for the Fabratory is expanding our video game design curricula. We are looking for a technical artist with strong management skills to head up this initiative. 

The Digital Arts Coordinator is a full-time, supervisory position. The Coordinator will be teaching at our 3 program sites and supervising additional instructors and interns. The Coordinator will manage the Fabratory budget and will be responsible for maintaining all hardware and software for the studio.

The ideal candidate for this position will have the following qualifications:

– A strong portfolio of creative work that includes illustration, 3D modeling, character development and/or engine integration

– Prior teaching experience

– Familiarity with both Mac and Windows platforms

– Have a passion for video games including game play, modding, and texture mapping

– Proficiency in polygonal modeling program and digital sculpting

– Experience using open source software including Blender, Sculptris, and InkScape, as well as Adobe Creative Suite

– An ability for communicate complex technologies and programs on a basic level

– An ability to coordinate and organize people both individually and in group environments

– IT  and networking knowledge that will inform a sustainable, cost effective resource plan for acquiring and maintaining computers, software and other equipment

– Knowledge of programing languages including C+ and C++ a benefit, but not required

Compensation: AS220 has an “equal pay” policy; all full time staff (including the Artistic Director and the Managing Director) are paid a $35,300 salary per year and receive full health benefits with no employee co-pay.  Generous and flexible vacation time is offered, along with opportunities for education, professional development, and sabbaticals.

To apply, please send a resume, samples of your creative work, and 2 references to AS220 Youth Director, Anne Kugler at

All candidates must clear a criminal background check, in accordance with policies established by the RI Department of Children, Youth, and Families.

Inter Corps Council members were asked to share their skill levels with certain marketing and social media platforms. There was another open-ended question to share any skills that members would be able to share training within the group. There were a total of six participants who completed the survey.
Marketing & Social Media Use

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AMC2012: Media Strategies for a More Just & Creative World

Allied Media Conference
June 28 – July 1, 2012 • Detroit, Michigan

The Allied Media Conference advances our visions for a more just and creative world. It is a laboratory for media-based solutions to the problems our communities face. Since our founding in 1999, we have evolved our definition of media, and the role it can play in our lives – from zines to video-blogging to breakdancing, , to building radio transmitters and designing open-source software. Each conference builds off the previous one and plants the seeds for the next. Ideas and relationships evolve year-round, incorporating new networks of media-makers, technologists and social justice organizers. We draw strength from our converging movements to face the challenges and opportunities of our current moment. We are ready to create, connect and transform.

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The AMC supports learning of all different kinds and at all different levels. The workshops are hands-on and participatory. Knowledge is passed horizontally rather than from the top down. Everyone teaches and everyone learns. At the AMC, media creation is not only about personal expression, but about transformation – of ourselves and the structures of power around us. We create media that exposes, investigates, resists, heals, builds confidence and radical hope, incites dialogue and debate. We demystify technology, not only learning how to use it, but how to take it apart, fix it and build our own.  We do it ourselves and as communities, connecting across geographic and generational boundaries.


The AMC is a network of networks – youth organizations, international solidarity activists, anti-violence organizers, technologists, educators, media reform advocates, community entrepreneurs, musicians and artists, disability activists, and many others – all using media in innovative ways. Some of these networks have sprouted from the conference, grown over the course of the year, then reconvened in Detroit larger and healthier. Others have adopted the AMC as an annual point of convergence and a space to forge new relationships. Through cycles of collaboration, question-asking and experimentation, our networks continue to grow, bringing new analysis, and new tools to the AMC every year.


The deeper our networks grow, the greater our capacity grows to take collective actions to transform our world. We recognize that transformation happens through our everyday movements. At the AMC, we develop new leaders and new forms of leadership, design new methods of problem-solving, cultivate the visions of our communities and build our power to make those visions real. Our strategies for transformation don’t begin or end with the three days of the conference. They evolve in our lives and our work throughout the year.


Mr. Dick Dushatanksi

A portrait documentary (currently on hold) on Dick Dushatanski. Shot from 2008-2010, his passions and way of life are revealed. Antique bicycles, work boots, mysterious relatives,recycling, Christianity, ice cream, and fishing apparel are only some of the ways which help answer who this living legend in Upstate NY really is.