Follow Up in PVD

I came back to Providence to follow up with my surgery. Plastic surgeons said everything is going great. Bandages and stitches around my left eye are gone,so I’m looking much less tragic now. I’m still having some double vision and swelling around the eye, but that will take care of itself in the next few weeks. I’ll find out more on the eyes at my appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Nose, cheeks, and lips are still mostly numb, but I’ve been told feeling will return fully in about a year’s time. Better news: I no longer have to keep bands on my braces! This means NO MORE CLOSED JAW. I’m still adjusting to my jaw fully opening, but I can now talk naturally again! I’ll have braces on my teeth for just two more weeks, but will have to keep a soft foods diet for another six. So keep that ice cream coming…


Surgery Done, Back in Auburn

20121111-194032.jpgI’m writing this back at my parents home in Auburn, NY. The surgery took place on Thursday the 8th. I got a call that morning asking if I could get admitted earlier, so even tho I was a little rushed, the morning went well and was in an oversized gown by 12:30. The entire procedure took five and a half hours long. It involved cutting above and under my left eye, and inside my mouth. I have a plastic implant under my left eye and titanium plates and screws around my cheeks and mouth. Success!

It’s taken me some time to get used to the braces on my teeth. It keeps my mouth closed at all times, which some of you might now be even more apt to visiting me while I’m home. Go for it! I actually can still talk. Just not well and after about 30 minutes I start to get a little tired and a bit of pain if I’m talking or laughing at you. This should be going away more and more as time goes on. Fortunately the longest the braces will be on is only four weeks, and as short as two.

My left eye is still out of order. It’s half shut and I’m seeing double vision. I’m hoping as the swelling goes down and the stitches are out, my vision will go back to normal. If you have the stomach for it, search orbital wall fracture surgery on YouTube for an idea of what some of the surgery consisted of.

I return to Providence for a couple appointments on the 19th and I’m heading back to auburn again for Thanksgiving, a liquified thanksgiving! Even still, I have a lot to be giving thanks for this year. Thanks, everyone.

Ow My Face.

I left downtown Halloween night to head back home. Just after 1:00am I was assaulted at the intersection of Atwells Ave & Dean St. The police report has an eyewitness of someone 6 ft. tall, light skinned, with an olive green shirt fleeing the scene. I woke up at RI Hospital and remember nothing of what happened to me. I have many facial fractures, cuts in my eyes, and a misaligned jaw.

It has been almost a week and am scheduled for plastic surgery tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. I’ll have plates and screws inserted, my jaw wired shut for 2-4 weeks, and won’t be able to see well for a few days afterwards. I’ll be in the hospital until at least Saturday. After that, I’m heading back to Auburn until I’m good again, which will be the last week of November or first week in December.

I’ll try to post updates as I get better! Thank you everyone for your support, you kick ass.