Mourning Domingo

This was my first 16mm piece, and is an in-camera edit. The music, “Moments in the TAZ,” is a piece I was working on around the same time. All sounds were created with only a few seconds of the violin. Produced 2008 in Buffalo, NY.


Egg Time

Chris Anderson 2008 16mm Silent B&W. Shot in Auburn, NY. Edited at the University at Buffalo.

Old Man Drops Glove

Exploring Buffalo, NY in the summer with a 16mm camera led to these images.

I used methods of music composition to create the edit. Rather than a storyboard, I planned my edit on sheet music inside measures. Each quarter note is a 6-frame splice of film. The Notes are the different shots captured on Elmwood Ave. What was once a 100ft roll of film divided into hundreds of notes on paper. Its operation was a success and the roll was one again.