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Scanography and Camera-less Photography

I’ve done pinhole and camera obscura, but scanography is a new form of cameraless photography for me. Using flatbed scanners are used to manipulate existing photos and distort and flatten 3D objects. Of course, you cannot help but to experiment with a self-portrait with this method! Photography See-ming Lee is doing just that seen here.

by See-ming Lee Some rights reserved.


AS220 Media Arts key member Lindsey Beal showed me an example of creating an abstract image with flatbed scanners. I love it, and plan on taking my USB-powered scanner outdoors and see what I can conjure up. Lindsey teaches both darkroom and digital media workshops at AS220 Media Arts. Her next class is on Scanner photography, Tuesday June 19. Let me know if you’d like to attend!

Lindsey Beal


Monkee Head at AS220 February 1st, $6

February 1st - Six Bucks

February 1st - Six Bucks

I’m in Monkee Head. We’re playing a show at AS220 on February 1st. Check us out. It’s $6, all ages, and will be a night of great local and visiting artists.

Monkee Head = A carnivalesque network of cannibal sounds from galactic jungles and gear-powered mountains, where space cowboys powwow with witch doctors. Lift-off is battery operated, but includes bacon and some mozzarella cheese.

Members: Albert 1 + Albert 2 + Albert 3 + Albert 4 + Albert 5 + Albert 6

Possible Instruments: (banjo)+(didgeridoo)+(drums)+(bass)+(saxophone)+(harmonica)+(keyboard)+(violin)+(synth/keyboards)+(flarinute)+(bongos)+(congas)+(whistles)+ )+(mbira)+(washboard)+(canjo)+(clarinet)+(slitdrum)+(chekere)+(maracas)+(acordeon)+(concertina)

Traveling, Inky Skulls, Monkee Head, Jacob the Terrible, and Switched Off Bach

Traveling started in September of 2011 by a group of three friends in Bloomington, IN. Ginger Alford, Jake Alexander, and Alan Crenshaw. Ginger has toured the country many times playing in One Reason and Good Luck, and touring with Paul Baribeau playing Bruce Springsteen covers. She’d been playing bass in Good Luck for several years and wanted to play guitar again in a band. This show part of their 3 week tour. No Idea Records released their 7″ in January.

Inky Skulls is Chris Clavin (me) and Emily Rose. We started in Bloomington, Indiana in August of 2011. We only had three weeks to get off the ground. We wrote 6 songs and recorded a demo, then did a week-long mini-tour. At first we thought we should both play ukuleles but it was too tinny and thin so now I play bass and Emily plays the uke. This is Emily’s first band. I’ve been in some bands… (Ghost Mice, The Sissies, The Devil is Electric, Operation: Cliff Clavin etc)

“the world can be so fucked / but there’s only so much shit / you can shit / on a face”

Is his synthesizer Baroquen? No-nonsese/pro-nonsense artist, Joe DeGeorge (of Harry and the Potters), recently began a series of projects in which he performs the classical music of Johann Sebastian Bach with an unusual distortion. One such project is Switched Off Bach, which consists of a solo keyboard performance utilizing a synthesizer that is turned off, with a mic on the keyboard. The performance is completely rhythmically Baroque. The volume is up all the way. The synthesizer is just turned off.

-Event Description stolen from

Access to Relief and Safety

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Symbol, a set on Flickr.



ARTIFACTS_01:, a set on Flickr.

aborting the offspring of incomplete torrent downloads.

A Math Incubus

The audio was composed using a few different methods. It began with hacking some old toys including a Parrot and an electronic whoopee cusion. Their sound was run through a delay/loop pedal. They delay rate and feedback were being adjusted live as the sounds were being recorded. Spring 2009.


Hiller Studios

Intro to the Mac Curriculum

This was a presentation I made to guide boh instructors and students through an introductory computer literacy workshop at MEIDA ARTS Center San Diego. THis introduces the basic components of using a computer, specifically on the Mac OSX 10.6 operating system.

Birthday Wishes

This performance exemplifies my excellent techniques in art as a classically trained violinist and experience in culinary arts. This piece should be taken seriously. Performed at Freequencies, an event produced by Jessica Thompson’s DMS 215 class.

Horror Film Techniques (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Mourning Domingo

This was my first 16mm piece, and is an in-camera edit. The music, “Moments in the TAZ,” is a piece I was working on around the same time. All sounds were created with only a few seconds of the violin. Produced 2008 in Buffalo, NY.