Follow Up in PVD

I came back to Providence to follow up with my surgery. Plastic surgeons said everything is going great. Bandages and stitches around my left eye are gone,so I’m looking much less tragic now. I’m still having some double vision and swelling around the eye, but that will take care of itself in the next few weeks. I’ll find out more on the eyes at my appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Nose, cheeks, and lips are still mostly numb, but I’ve been told feeling will return fully in about a year’s time. Better news: I no longer have to keep bands on my braces! This means NO MORE CLOSED JAW. I’m still adjusting to my jaw fully opening, but I can now talk naturally again! I’ll have braces on my teeth for just two more weeks, but will have to keep a soft foods diet for another six. So keep that ice cream coming…


One thought on “Follow Up in PVD

  1. Hey Chris–you are looking great–you heal good! You are sorely missed and everyone is eager to find out when we will see you back at AS220. Keep resting, healing, and we’ll see you soon/Leigh ps/check out Anne, Justin, and Michelle Obama at the WH today.

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