Surgery Done, Back in Auburn

20121111-194032.jpgI’m writing this back at my parents home in Auburn, NY. The surgery took place on Thursday the 8th. I got a call that morning asking if I could get admitted earlier, so even tho I was a little rushed, the morning went well and was in an oversized gown by 12:30. The entire procedure took five and a half hours long. It involved cutting above and under my left eye, and inside my mouth. I have a plastic implant under my left eye and titanium plates and screws around my cheeks and mouth. Success!

It’s taken me some time to get used to the braces on my teeth. It keeps my mouth closed at all times, which some of you might now be even more apt to visiting me while I’m home. Go for it! I actually can still talk. Just not well and after about 30 minutes I start to get a little tired and a bit of pain if I’m talking or laughing at you. This should be going away more and more as time goes on. Fortunately the longest the braces will be on is only four weeks, and as short as two.

My left eye is still out of order. It’s half shut and I’m seeing double vision. I’m hoping as the swelling goes down and the stitches are out, my vision will go back to normal. If you have the stomach for it, search orbital wall fracture surgery on YouTube for an idea of what some of the surgery consisted of.

I return to Providence for a couple appointments on the 19th and I’m heading back to auburn again for Thanksgiving, a liquified thanksgiving! Even still, I have a lot to be giving thanks for this year. Thanks, everyone.


5 thoughts on “Surgery Done, Back in Auburn

  1. Judging from your picture, your hair looks really long… and your beard is really out of sorts.

    Glad to hear everything has gone about as well as one could hope since the incident. I’ll be in Auburn tomorrow. Hope I can stop in to see you. To prevent you from being in any sort of pain I’ll tell a bunch of Dane Cook jokes so you won’t laugh.

  2. Best wishes Chris, really sorry to hear what happened to you. Be strong! Get well soon! When you return to Providence, I’ll come and make sure you are still the same Chris 😉

  3. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery Chris, No one should have to endure this and most curtainly you 😦 . Please keep us updated, Hope the pain goes away for the Holiday :), Prayers, I’ll be thinking Good thoughts for Ya Chris!!!

  4. Hi chris….so glad you are doing ok…i will pray for a speedy recovery for you!! I am friends with crazy erica and i work with your aunt lynn. You will be in my thoughts for sure. God bless!!

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